Crowdini is closing, for now

I am disappointed to announce that we have decided to close Crowdini for now. Basically we are not growing as fast as we had hoped and aren’t able to generate enough revenue to work on this full time. Instead of treading water we have decided to close down, regroup and figure out how to make it a success.

This was a very hard decision to make. Something just needs to change to help get the product where it needs to be. We discussed removing the prizes and opening it up to rest of the world. We discussed gamifying it with a point system. We have discussed several other ideas as well.

For those of you who are still in a game, per the rules what we will do is pick a random winner of each game with more than 1 person left in it. We will do this today and will be notifying the winners. If the winner drawn turns out not to be eligible, we will draw randomly again for a winner. It will take a few days for this to complete.

For those of you who were knocked out of your game yesterday, I am going to randomly choose one person who will win an alternate prize. It won’t be a full $25 prize but I think you will like it. To be eligible for this drawing all you had to do was play yesterday. Again if the winner drawn turns out not to be eligible we will draw randomly again. I will post the winner on our @Crowdini Twitter account.

We are keeping the site up and you will be able to see on the stats page how you finished and who won these last open games.

To every single one of you I want to say thank you for all you have done for Crowdini. The question suggestions, the feedback, the 700,000+ votes and sharing the game with your family and friends. Most of you wake up and play religiously and that is something we never would have predicted. We are so grateful to have you all as players. We hope we can bring Crowdini back stronger and better than ever.

Thank you,

Jason Allen

P.S. We have been working on a side project that should go live this summer. If you are interested in being notified first when it launches please sign up at

Questions will now close at 6:50 am et…Starting Wed 5/14

Just a quick update…

We announced a couple of weeks ago that we are going to move the question close to 6:50 am eastern (from 6:58 am eastern). You can read all the reasons why here.

This will now start with Wednesday’s question (5/14/2014). Our processing page will be shown from 6:50 am et to 7:00 am et. The new question opening will stay at 7:00 am et.

May 4

4 Leaderboards added this week

This week we added 4 leaderboards to the Stats page. I think it will enhance your playing experience and give you a better idea how you are doing compared to the other players.

Each leaderboard will show you the top 10 players for the stat. If you are in the top ten you will see yourself bolded. If you are not in the top ten you will see 3 more lines below the top ten. The first line is the player (or players) who are one spot above you. The second line is your position (along with how many players may be tied to you). The final line is the player (or players) who are one position below you.

The 4 leaderboards are:

Lifetime Votes

Longest Playing Streak (This is consecutive days played)

Majority Playing Streak (This is consecutive days in the majority)

Majority Percentage (Must have at least 10 votes and have played in the last 7 days to qualify)

We plan to add more leaderboards in the future. If there is a stat you think we should add please tell via our Contact page.

Thanks, Jason

Questions will close at 6:50 am eastern now…but not yet

As we grow and add more features we need more time between the closing and opening of the new question to do things like calculate the stats. In an effort to not have to do this every few months we are going to move the close of the question from 6:58 am eastern to 6:50 am eastern. We have made the change on the FAQ page as well as the game rules starting with the 2014.04.29 game.

However we will not making the actual change yet…why you ask???

In the game rules for the current open games we list the question as closing at 6:58 am. It is not ethical to change the game rules after the game has started. We plan to honor the 6:58 am closing time until all the current games that started on or before April 28, 2014 are closed.

Once the current games are closed we will move the closing time of the question to 6:50 am eastern. Don’t worry we will remind you when we do it.


Saturday and Sunday reserved for player submitted questions

A few weeks ago I asked people to suggest questions on Facebook. (I’ve asked on Twitter as well.) I got dozens of great suggestions. It took me a while but I have finally added all the ones I thought were good enough to ask to our queue.

We also from time to time get question suggestions from winners as well as players through our contact form. I’d say 90% are great questions. You all are awesome!

So what I have decided to do for the foreseeable future is to have Saturday and Sunday be questions that were submitted by players.

Now they won’t always have the attribution but you can be sure that on Saturday and Sunday the questions were submitted from players like you.

If you want to submit a question you can always email support or do it through our contact form on the site.

Thanks for playing!
Jason Allen

P.S. We may ask a player’s submitted question on a weekday from time to time too :)

Server Host Maintenance - 4/15/2014 8pm est to Midnight

Hi All,

We just got notified that our server host will be doing some maintenance that could affect the site. The maintenance will occur on April 15 sometime between 8 pm eastern and midnight.

Please be aware there could be short periods in that window where the site is not available or running slower than normal.

As always we will be tweeting at if we know more or when we are sure the maintenance is finished.

Thanks, Jason

Today is our 500th game. Thank you!

Today starts our 500th game.

It is unbelievable to me that we have made it this far.

On the first day we had 45 players. Just two weeks later we had our lowest day at 17 players. We now get that in the first few minutes that a question opens. I remember watching the stats and being so overjoyed when we would get a vote. I used to watch the Google Analytics dashboard to see where the person was playing from for the whole day. We would get a player from California or Maryland or Illinois and I would ask myself…how did these people find us?

Over the last 17 months we have had many hiccups. There was the time in February 2013 when my brother picked the question for the day only have our system totally fail for about 6 hours. Yes it took 6 hours to open the question for that day. And then it took about 3 days to get our email back up and running. We lost about 30% of our players in that week.

I thought we would never recover.

But thanks to you we have continued to grow.

And April 2013 it finally hit me that we needed to rebuild our whole site if we want to scale to the playerbase I had projected before launch. It took me about 3 months to find someone who could do that. I finally found Komra who took on the task of rebuilding everything from scratch. She did such a great job I took her on as a co-founder. She is worth every penny and more. Thanks Komra!

Komra built the backend but I must thank Milan for the design of the site. I found Milan last May when I was looking to have a mobile app built. Funny enough we are still not finished with the mobile app but Milan’s design was so beautiful and elegant we decided to adapt it to the site. If you like how the site looks, you will love how the app looks. I can’t wait for you to see it. Thanks Milan!

Again what we have done would not be possible without you returning day after day to play our simple, quick game. Recently we did some calculations to help us understand our metrics. We were floored with what we found.

We have had over 93% of the people who have signed up have played at least once. The average player plays for 42 days. And most importantly as of the 499 possible votes so far (calculated yesterday)…here is the top ten players with the most votes:

Username (Votes) 1) ticoandie (481) 2) kmkolibaba (469) 3) drinkingdollars (448) 4) AndrewH (447) 5) krohrer (440) 6) Chattonne (436) 7) Chucke4711 (434) 8) mmmmpage (430) 9) elfette (429) 10) MGM (428)

I could not believe this when I saw this. ticoandie has voted all but 18 days. RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! I am so proud we have users who believe in us. Only two people in the top ten are people I know personally. I personally emailed them the game on day 1. The other 8 found us in some other way. They have no connection to me personally and yet they continue to play everyday. I am so humbled by this.

Thank you to all of you who play Crowdini. You are the ones who make this what I love to do daily. I hope we can continue to grow the game with your help and support.

I hope to see your name in our next milestone post.

Have an awesome day! Thank you!


Why we are asking the follow up question

Starting today (3/12/2014) and going on for the next week or two we will be asking you a follow up question. Wait, let me back up and explain something really quick…

One of the consistent hurdles we have to navigate with potential sponsors is the quality of our answers. Sponsors are not used to the type of results we provide. We are unique in this regard. As far as I can tell nobody else is measuring what people think other people think.

But is that what we are measuring really???

We think so but are not sure…Also, it would be nice to say we experimented to find out how people answer the questions when asked from a potential sponsor.

So we are going to ask you to answer how you answered the question afterwards to help us understand how you answer the questions. (Say that 5 times fast)

Basically we want to know if you are answering honestly or strategically. One thing I would say is if your answer for the day is honest AND strategic, select honest. The follow up question is just to help us out, it is not related to your game. It is optional but we would appreciate if you would answer it.

We are only going to take a certain number of answers each day. We are not sure how long this experiment is going to go, probably until we determine we have enough data. I am guessing about two weeks.

Thanks for your help!


Two emails again today…So sorry about this…Here is what happened

At 7 am eastern I was doing my normal check to make sure everything worked ok. When I refreshed the game page from the processing page we were still showing yesterday’s question. We quickly put back up the processing page so there was no confusion.

It turns out we didn’t fully fix the problem yesterday. We had to make a small adjustment again today that we think has actually fixed the issue. (Why do I even make this prediction!)

From your perspective it is going to sound like yesterday.

First you received an email about 7:05 am eastern which was a duplicate of yesterday’s correct email (the second one sent yesterday).

Second you received the correct email about 8:00 am eastern.

Again if you see a discrepancy between the site and your email, remember the site is correct. We have verified the site is correct.

I am really sorry about this…AGAIN! I hate when the site doesn’t work correctly. Thank you all for your patience yesterday and today.

Jason Allen, Owner, Crowdini

TL;DR: Just like yesterday, you received a first email that was a duplicate of yesterday’s correct email and a second email which was correct for today. Site is correct if you see an issue in the email.

Mar 9

Sorry about the extra email this morning…DST got us

This notice only applies to March 9, 2014:

We didn’t change the time for DST last night. Therefore the question didn’t turn over correctly.

We tried to run the question close manually and verify the results but made a small mistake which resulted in you getting an email about 7:20 am eastern this morning. The email at 7:20 am eastern was a duplicate of yesterday’s email. Please disregard it.

At the time we figured out the mistake, we decided to wait until the next hour to turn over the new question. This resulted in triggering the correct email sent out to you. We then took the extra time to verify all the results were correct before opening up the March 9 question at about 8:45 am eastern. So the email you received at about 8:05 am eastern is the correct email. This email has the correct results, with the only exception that the number of players left in the game is incorrect for all games except 2014.03.08.

We are sure the site is correct. If there is a difference between the email and the site, the site is correct.

I apologize for the confusion. Luckily DST only happens twice a year and so hopefully we can fix this before November. :)

Jason Allen Owner Crowdini

TL;DR: You got two emails this morning, the first is a duplicate from yesterday. The second is correct but may not have the correct number of players left showing.